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 Tchavdar Natchev-Peno: BASS                          Alexei Tsiganov: PIANO                    Renato Malavasi: DRUMS                                 David Arteaga: SAX

This fantastic group has coalesced over the last year or so, providing me with an incredible vehicle for realization of my compositions and arrangements. What a rhythm section! My collaborators and musical brothers are some of the very best in this town; hearing them breathe love and life into my ideas with such generosity and vigor is a beautiful fount of inspiration for me as a composer. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of musical styles dovetails perfectly with my efforts to weave together the amazing variety of great musical threads that have moved me throughout my life. As with all aspects of modern life, musical expression in general, and jazz improvisation in particular, have developed to a level of often astounding breadth and sophistication. I love a lot of very complex music, but believe that when it comes time to make a musical statement, meaning and beauty come from the heart rather than the head, every time. This is what I aspire to, and what compels me to keep searching…