David Arteaga began his musical training on the clarinet at the age of eight. During his high school years he began to gravitate towards improvisation and composition, going on to attend New England Conservatoire as a student of composition at the age of eighteen. He continued his studies of music as well as mathematics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he received further mentoring in composition from David Cope. His real passion for jazz kicked in around this time, when he had the chance to spend many evenings at the legendary Keystone Corner in San Francisco. Experiencing first-hand the artistry of such greats as Dexter Gordon, Art Blakey, John Hendricks (and many others) had a profound formative effect on David’s musical and improvisational sensibility. During this period he also studied with Rach Cztar and John Davis, members of the renowned San Francisco Saxophone Quartet.

Now a resident of the Boston area for over twenty years, David has been an active member of the local jazz scene, playing with his own group, and in collaboration with some of the finest players in town, including members of the Charlie Kholhase Quintet, the Sai Ghose Trio, the Phyll Argyris Group, the Sergio Brandao Ensemble, the Alexei Tsiganov Quartet, and others. He has spent several years under the tutelage of legendary tenor man Jerry Bergonzi, an experience that has immeasurably broadened and deepened his improvisational concept. Over the past few years, David has been a founding member and horn-section leader of the Boston-based band ‘No Static’, performing the incredible music of Steely Dan at all the major area venues.